Lennox Scott, great-grandson of John L. Scott and president of John L. Scott Real Estate, is here to discuss the market here in the Northwest. 

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Today I have a special guest with me: president of John L. Scott Real Estate and great-grandson of John L. Scott himself, Lennox Scott. Lennox is here to discuss what he’s been seeing across the broad market in the Pacific Northwest.

The Northwest U.S. market has been fantastic, particularly in the major cities like Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. When the major Metropolitan market heats up, then the market also heats up in the resort and destination communities like here in Southern Oregon.

"Overall, it’s an extremely strong market."

The Oregon market is fabulous, according to Lennox. The affordable and mid-price ranges have seen phenomenal sales activity. Above the $750,000 range, there are some selective buyers, but overall, it’s an extremely strong market.


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